WTF NYC Souvenirs旨在创造源自于日常生活的纽约创意纪念品,用幽默感与在纽约的人产生共鸣。

品牌的灵感源自于本人在纽约的平日生活体验与幻想中纽约生活的差别。传统的旅游纪念品记录的往往是各种著名的旅游景点,然后真正来到这里才发现纽约的个性远不止于这些众所周知的景点,而在于每时每刻平凡而独特的生活中——街头的热狗摊、呼啸的地铁声、纽约人的独特习惯等等,这些细节组成了独特的纽约。因此WTF NYC将生活捕捉,创作抓住真正的纽约个性的纪念品。
WTF NYC is a souvenir brand that captures the true personality of New York City.

Inspired by the everyday stories and overlooked details of urban living, WTF NYC designs products that resonate with people in the city, redefining souvenirs with a touch of humor and a sense of belonging.

The visual of the brand intends to present the quirkiness, humor, and at the same time, the quality of the products. Instead of creating a bold visual, we adopt a more elegant approach to the brand, in contrast to the intense graphic in the trademark and the name of the brand, which emphasizes the sarcastic character of the brand itself.
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